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 My native English editing services provide you with a fresh, objective pair of eyes to sharpen up your texts.


I’ll help inject clarity into your copy to ensure it’s doing the job you intended it to - whether that’s promoting your product or services, or asking your audience to act.

Well-edited content builds your readers’ trust in your brand and keeps them focused on your message.

I can work with you to edit:

  • home page and about texts

  • blogs and articles

  • training manuals

  • email sequences

  • social media posts

To get your writing into shape I’ll:

  • pick up on issues around spelling, grammar, jargon, punctuation, terminology, meaning and structure

  • remove ‘dutchisms’

  • ensure consistent tone and style

  • provide creative solutions when the copy isn’t flowing quite right

    transform longer texts into shorter, more engaging texts (if required)

I can also work with you to provide feedback on how you can improve your text yourself in the form of a one off call, email, document comments, or with a workshop, either face-to-face or via video call.

Would you like Pigeon Loft to wave its editorial wand over your words? Get in touch today and we’ll discuss your needs.

How it works

It's up to you; I can work with you on a project-by-project basis or, if you regularly find yourself with copy that needs editing, I can support you on a retainer basis from as few as four hours a month.

Once we’ve agreed on the scope and cost of the project, you provide me with your written material which I will prepare, ready to be published online or in print.

I’ll remove any grammatical and typographical errors. I’ll get tricky paragraphs flowing nicely, split long, confusing sentences, and remove excessive information. I’ll also look at the overall structure to ensure it’s easy to read and accessible to your desired audience.

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What people say:

“Sarah is your ideal freelancer. She has broad and high level knowledge and is very pleasant to work with. She seems to be able to understand your needs with a minimum of explanation and execute the job in an excellent way (often better or more than what you have asked for) with very limited support. In other words: everything you dream of when you are overloaded and understaffed and in need of an extra pair of hands and brains.”

Elsa Scholte, Global Communication Manager,
Solidaridad Network