Thoughtful and effective online marketing for small businesses with a conscience

Email marketing


Do you want to send engaging, action-provoking emails that stand out in a crowded inbox? 


Is it time to cash-in on that lovely long list of enthusiastic readers you’ve collected?

Do you want to finally implement that strategy you've worked so hard on?

Or are you not even sure where to start when it comes to email marketing?

Pigeon Loft can help.

I’ll work with you to create an email marketing strategy and plan, set up your subscription process and support you in building a genuinely interested audience. Or I can research and write impactful campaigns on your behalf.

I’ll help you to grab your readers’ attention and get them clicking where it counts.

Perhaps you want to send regular emails about an important cause, shiny new products or tempting discounts to stay firmly rooted in your readers’ minds. Or maybe you run events like festivals or a speaker programme. I’ll design a bespoke email marketing plan to fit your needs.

I can work with you on a project basis, or provide you with a regular email-writing service on a retainer basis.


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