Thoughtful and effective online marketing for small businesses with a conscience

Online marketing services


You are looking for beautifully written content that encourages readers to act, jargon- and typo-free information that gets to the point, a clean, professional-looking website that’s easy to read and navigate, as well as a way to effectively structure and manage your communications. 

Pigeon Loft will support you in all of the above, to create a strong and consistent online (and offline) presence that resonates with your audience, building confidence and excitement in everything you do.

Read on to find out a little more about the services I’ll help you with.


How I help:


Websites, landing pages, microcopy... I write copy that speaks to your audience...  >> More


Blogs, interviews, social posts… I create on-brand written and visual content that engages with your existing community and grabs the attention of potential new audiences...  >> More


Let me wave my copy editor’s wand over your work to sharpen it up, strengthen your message and keep your audience’s attention...  >> More


I’ll support you with all your email marketing needs, including putting together a strategy, creating templates, writing engaging email content, and helping to build your email lists...  >> More


This one can be a bit daunting. But it doesn’t need to be. If you are not sure where to start with your communications strategy we’ll talk through the possibilities and select the platforms and messaging that best fits your audience and resources...  >> More


I apply SEO best practice to all content I create for the web. I’ll support you with optimising your website to improve your organic ranking and attract more visitors...  >> More