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Want to know how other people have found working with me before taking the leap and getting in touch? Take a look at what my current and previous clients and colleagues have to say…


Anne Pleun van Eijsden, Founder, Paper on the Rocks. Amersfoort, the Netherlands

“I've come to know Sarah as a professional, independent and thorough online communications freelancer. She is very dedicated and her tone of voice is bright, cheerful and serious at the same time. I'd highly recommend working with Sarah if you are looking for an experienced online marketer."


Elsa Scholte, Global Communication Manager, Solidaridad Network. Utrecht, the Netherlands

“Sarah is your ideal freelancer. She has broad and high level knowledge and is very pleasant to work with. She seems to be able to understand your needs with a minimum of explanation and execute the job in an excellent way (often better or more than what you have asked for) with very limited support. In other words: everything you dream of when you are overloaded and understaffed and in need of an extra pair of hands and brains.”


Daria Kanters and Monika Boomgaard, Founders at CONDIBLE. Utrecht, the Netherlands

“When we have a call to discuss upcoming content, Sarah is able to catch and extract exactly what I'm trying to say. Not everyone can listen so well and transform someone else's ideas into something that makes sense. The structure Sarah provides, for example - the blog template, means I can offload all my ideas in one place ready for them to be written up into something that's enjoyable to read.” – Daria


David Campbell, Director of Communications at World Press Photo Foundation. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

"If you're seeking a thoughtful person to create engaging communications, you've come to the right place. Sarah is a delight to work with, being both easy going and well organised. With her wide range of content and technical skills she can write and edit great content, make it come to life with compelling graphics, and then deploy the best tools to reach the right audiences. We loved working with her as a colleague and look forward to working with her as a client."


Odette Denijs, Founder at AUDEE. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

"I really enjoyed working with Sarah. She is a fantastic and reliable copywriter as well as an SEO hero.  She is spot on. Thanks to Sarah my website content is now concise, clear and attractive." 


Maddy Durrant, Freelance Communications Specialist. London, UK

"I worked with Sarah at Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust and she proved herself to possess a broad skill set in all things digital with a flair for creativity. Sarah is conscientious, thorough with everything she does and a pleasure to work with." 



Laura Frost, Florist and Founder at Petal HQ. London, UK

"Sarah is absolutely brilliant at what she does and has revolutionised my business. I was at a bit of a loss with regards to SEO and marketing but with Sarah's help I could see what changes I needed to make and how to best to convey what my business was about. She is friendly, very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. From working with Sarah the usability of my website has improved massively and I now know how best to target my customers. I highly recommend Pigeon Loft."


Lynn Roberts, Head of Digital at Action for Children. London, UK

"Sarah has been an invaluable support to the Digital and Innovation Team at Action for Children. Her work is always fast and good quality, she's highly resourceful and approaches everything with a can do attitude. Sarah is also a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!"


Elmer Zinkhann, Lead Experience Designer at Digital Catapult. London, UK.

"Sarah is a knowledgable and hugely competent copywriter and communications strategist. I had the pleasure of working with Sarah on the STARS project for TfL where she singlehandedly managed the client and other stakeholders in gathering all the content requirements. She set out a clear and concise strategy and vision to get the right message across to our audience. Sarah has been great fun to work with and I would love to work with her again in the future."